Начался учебный год, и детям в школах каждый день приходится запоминать больше, чем взрослые узнают иногда за целый год. На сайте вы найдете всю нужную информацию для выполнения домашнего задания и сможете лучьше подготовиться к школе.


   When we want to buy something, we go to a shop. There are many kinds of shops in every town or city, but most of them have a food supermarket, a department store, men's and women's clothing stores, grocery, a bakery and a butchery.
   I like to do my shopping at big department stores and supermarkets. They sell various goods under one roof and this is very convenient. A department store, for example, true to its name, is composed of many departments: readymade clothes, fabrics, shoes, sports goods, toys, china and glass, electric appliances, cosmetics, linen, curtains, cameras, records, etc. You can buy everything you like there.
   There are also escalators in big stores which take customers to different floors. The things for sale are on the counters so that they can be easily seen. In the women's clothing department you can find dresses, costumes, blouses, skirts, coats, beautiful underwear and many other things. In the men's clothing department you can choose suits, trousers, overcoats, ties, etc.
   In the knitwear department one can buy sweaters, cardigans, short-sleeved and long-sleeved pullovers, woollen jackets. In the perfumery they sell face cream and powder, lipstick, lotions and shampoos.
   In a food supermarket we can also buy many different things at once: sausages, fish, sugar, macaroni, flour, cereals, tea. At the butcher's there is a wide choice of meat and poultry. At the bakery you buy brown and white bread, rolls, biscuits.
   Another shop we frequently go to is the greengrocery which is stocked by cabbage, potatoes, onions, cucumbers, carrots, beetroots, green peas and what not. Everything is sold here ready-weighed and packed. If you call round at a dairy you can buy milk, cream, cheese, butter and many other products.
   The methods of shopping may vary. It may be a selfservice shop where the customer goes from counter to counter selecting and putting into a basket what he wishes to buy. Then he takes the basket to the check-out counter, where the prices of the purchases are added up. If it is not a self-service shop, and most small shops are not, the shop-assistant helps the customer in finding what he wants. You pay money to the cashier and he gives you back the change.


   Когда мы хотим что-нибудь купить, мы идем в магазин. В каждом городе есть много разных магазинов. В большинстве из них есть продуктовые супермаркеты, универмаги, магазины мужской и женской одежды, бакалейные, булочные, мясные.
   Мне нравится делать покупки в больших универсальных магазинах и супермаркетах. Под одной крышей продаются разные товары, что очень удобно. Универсальный магазин, например, соответствует своему названию. Он состоит из многих отделов: готовая одежда, ткани, обувь, спорттовары, игрушки, посуда, электротовары, косметика, белье, гардины, фотоаппараты, магнитофоны и т. д. Вы можете купить здесь что хотите.
   В больших универмагах есть эскалаторы, которые доставляют посетителей на разные этажи. Вещи, которые продаются, лежат на прилавках, чтобы их можно было рассмотреть. В отделе женской одежды вы можете увидеть платья, костюмы, блузы, юбки, пальто, красивое белье и многие другие вещи. В отделе мужской одежды можно выбрать костюмы, брюки, пальто, галстуки и т. д.
   В отделе трикотажа можно купить свитера, кардиганы, пуловеры с короткими и длинными рукавами, шерстяные жакеты. В отделе косметики продаются крем для лица, пудра, помада, лосьоны и шампуни.
   В продуктовом супермаркете мы можем купить одно временно: сосиски, рыбу, сахар, макароны, муку, крупы, чай. В мясном магазине есть большой выбор мяса и птицы. В булочной мы покупаем черный и белый хлеб, булочки, печенье.
   Мы часто ходим еще в один магазин — овощной. Здесь есть капуста, картофель, лук, огурцы, морковь, свекла, зеленый горошек и многое другое. Все продается в расфасованном и упакованном виде. Если вы зайдете в молочный магазин, там вы можете купить молоко, сыр, сливки, масло и другие продукты.
   Методы торговли могут различаться. Существуют магазины самообслуживания, где покупатель ходит от прилавка к прилавку, выбирает и кладет в корзину то, что он хочет купить. Затем он несет корзину к контрольному прилавку, где стоимость покупок суммируется. Если же в магазине нет самообслуживания, как в большинстве маленьких магазинов, то продавец помогает покупателю подобрать то, что ов хочет. Вы платите деньги кассиру, а он дает вам сдачу

There are all kinds of racing in England - horse-racing, motor-car racing, boat-racing, dog-racing, and even races for donkeys. On sports days at school boys and girls run races, and even train for them. There is usually a mile race for older boys, and one who wins it is certainly a good runner. Usually those who run a race go as fast as possible, but there are some races in which everybody has to
The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world. It occupies about one-seventh of the earth's surface. It covers the eastern part of Europe and the northern part of Asia. Its total area is about 17 million square kilometres. The country is washed by 12 seas of 3 oceans:the Pacific, the Arctic and the Atlantic. In the south Russia borders on China, Mongolia, Korea, Kazakhstan, Georgia an
Sports 1). They say, "Health is above wealth".2). Thousands of people consider sports to be very helpful in gaining good health.3). That's why every country pays much attention to developing sports.4). It is sport that helps to bring up physically strong, strong-willed, courageous and energetic people.5). Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find time forgoing in for sports regularly.6). People
I Want to be a Programmer   I want to become a computer programmer. I am interested in computers. It is a whole new world.   Many people continue careers of their parents or grand parents but it is not the case with me. My mother is a teacher and my father is a doctor. But I don't want to be neither a teacher nor a doctor.   My favourite subjects in school are mathematics, physics, and, of course,
Television is doing Irreparable Harm   "Yes, but what did we use to do before there was television?" How often we hear statements like this! Television hasn't been with us all that long, but we are already beginning to forget what the world was like without it.   Before we admitted the one-eyed monster into our homes, we never found it difficult to occupy our spare time. We used to enjoy civilised
Basketball is an extremely popular all around the world. The object is to put a ball through a hoop, or basket, and thus score more points than the opposing team. Teams comprise of ten players, with a maximum of five on court at any one time. Substitutions are unlimited during the course of the game. Although basketball can be played outdoors, it was invented to serve as an exciting indoor exercis
The Rise of Moscow   In the early 1300's, Prince Yuri of Moscow married the sister of the Golden Hordes khan (ruler).   Yuri was appointed the Russian grand prince about 1318.   Mongol troops helped him put down threats to his leadership from other principalities.   The Mongols also began letting the grand prince of Moscow collect taxes for them.   This practice started with Ivan I (called the Mon
Sport in Russia   Can you give a description to the word "sport"? Sport is an organized, competitive, entertaining and skilful activity, which requires following some certain rules. It is an integral part of our life. It is very popular among people of all nationalities and different age groups. Sport helps us to be in good form, to keep fit, it makes us more organized, disciplined and strong-will
The history of Moscow began in 1147, and since then Moscow has always had a leading position in the life of the whole country. It is the political, cultural, scientific centre of Russia. Coming to Moscow for the first time, many tourists start sightseeing with Red Square. In Red Square they visit St.Basil's Cathedral, a masterpiece of ancient Russian architecture. It was built in memory of the vic
British Youth    Young people from all walks of life are united according to their interests by the established youth organizations in Britain. These organizations develop because of the contribution of both full-time and part-time youth workers and a great number of volunteers.   Outdoor pursuits involve everything from pony trekking to rock-climbing or canoeing and help young people go out from
The United States of America was formed by emigrants in 1382. The USA makes up of 50 states. Washington, the capital of the United States is situated on the Rotomac River in the District of Columbia. The district is a piece of land which doesn't belong to any state but to all the states. All these states are sovereignty. The USA occupy a large territory and are situated in the central and southern
James Aldridge   James Aldridge was born in 1918, in the town of Swanhill, in Australia. His father was a journalist and writer. His parents came to Australia from England only a few years before James was born.   When James was 14 years old, he began to work as a messenger boy for a newspaper in Melbourne. In 1939 he went to England to enter Oxford University.   In 1940 he was sent to Finland as