Начался учебный год, и детям в школах каждый день приходится запоминать больше, чем взрослые узнают иногда за целый год. На сайте вы найдете всю нужную информацию для выполнения домашнего задания и сможете лучьше подготовиться к школе.


   Shopping has common elements wherever it takes place. A buyer looks for a seller who is offering something the buyer wants or needs at a price the buyer can afford to pay.
   Sellers often advertise their wares in newspapers, on the radio or TV, on posters etc. Sellers use a variety of tactics to induce buyers to purchase from them at a price which leaves some profit.
   Shopping is a part of our daily life. And we have to deal with it whether we like it or not. There are people who hate going shopping. So they make a list of what they need and run through stores buying the needed things.
   Sometimes they even don't care about the price. And there are people who go form store to store looking for goods of better quality and lower price. Those don't worry about the time they spend shopping.
   But there is a very good service called Postal Market. It really helps you to save your time and get goods of high quality. You just have to look through a catalogue, choose the things you like, order them and wait a little to get them.


   Покупка товаров имеет несколько общих черт, где бы она ни происходила. Покупатель ищет продавца, который предлагает то, что покупатель хочет или в чем нуждается, за ту цену, которую покупатель может себе позволить.
   Продавцы часто рекламируют свои товары в газетах, на радио или по телевидению, на рекламных щитах и т. д. Продавцы используют множество хитростей, чтобы заставить покупателя приобрести у них товар по цене, которая принесла бы прибыль.
   Покупки — часть нашей повседневной жизни. И мы должны смириться с этим, нравится нам это или нет. Есть люди, которые ненавидят ходить по магазинам. Поэтому они составляют список необходимых вещей и пробегают стремглав по магазинам, покупая необходимое.
   Иногда они даже не обращают внимания на цену. А есть люди, которые идут из магазина в магазин в поисках товаров лучшего качества и более низких цен. Они не жалеют о времени, потраченном на поход за покупками.
   Но существует очень хорошая услуга, называемая товары — почтой. Она действительно помогает людям сэкономить время и получить товары высокого качества. Вам нужно просто просмотреть каталог, выбрать понравившиеся вещи, заказать их и немного подождать.

England is often subdivided into three parts: the South, the Midlands and the North. The South. The landscape is varied. The climate is warmer than in other areas. There are hundreds of miles of sea coast which vary from flat or stony beaches to high rocky cliffs. The mild and sunny climate makes the south coast popular with holiday-makers. Some coastal resorts are famous, Brighton among them. Som
Imagine that you've just turned 16 and your parents bought you a brand new Mustang. You're cruising on the street at approximately 25 miles per hour. So maybe you're not breaking the speed limit, but everyone's staring. You feel the light breeze through your hair. Then you're in the air, 12 feet high. Finally, you land on your back and come this (gesture 6 in.) close to cracking your skull. What h
A lot of people all over the world are interested in sport. Sport helps people to stay in good shape, keeps them fit, healthy and makes them more organized and better disciplined in there daily activities. We have always paid great attention to sport in our schools, colleges and universities. You can hardly find a school without a gym or a sport ground. Every city and town has a few stadiums or sw
My Favourite Actors   My favourite actors are Mel Gibson and Whoopi Goldberg. Whoopi Goldberg came a long way to her present international success. Her mother was divorced and poor. Whoopi chose a very difficult career for a black woman. She started as a theatre actress and did very well.   In the end she had a show on Broadway. Film producers saw her show and a new career in cinema began. She alm
Basketball is an extremely popular all around the world. The object is to put a ball through a hoop, or basket, and thus score more points than the opposing team. Teams comprise of ten players, with a maximum of five on court at any one time. Substitutions are unlimited during the course of the game. Although basketball can be played outdoors, it was invented to serve as an exciting indoor exercis
Holidays in the USA    Probably the most widely celebrated holidays in the United States of America are Thanksgiving, Independence Day and Christmas.   Thanksgiving Day is marked on the fourth Thursday of November. On this day Americans thank their God for his blessings. Families gather together for a traditional dinner which includes roast turkey and pumpkin pie.   Independence Day is marked on t
Babies   Babies smelling of camomile tea, cologne water, wet laundry, dog soap. Babies who appear old, disillusioned and tired of life at six months. Babies that cry «Papa!» to blushing youths of nineteen or twenty at church picnics.   Fat babies whose earlobes turn out at an angle of forty-five degrees. Soft babies asleep in perambulators, the sun shining straight into their faces. Babies gnawing
Creatine should be allowed for use by teenagers because it is a natural substance in the body. Research has shown no side affects in taking creatine. Creatine may improve your performance in athletics. In the paragraphs that follow I will try to show you why I believe creatine is a safe substance to take.What is Creatine? Creatine is a simple amino acid molecule we all have in our body. “Creatine
My native city is Rostov-on-Don. It is the capital of the Don area. It was founded in 1749. It is situated on the right bank of the river Don. In the past Rostov was a small town with small population. But now the territory of Rostov-on-Don is 380 square kilometres and the population is more than one million people. Our city is a big industrial, scientific and cultural centre in the South of Russi
Fiodor Dostoyevsky   Dostoyevsky is considered one of the greatest writers in world literature. Best-known for his novels "Crime and Punishment" (1866) and "The Brothers Karamazov" (1880), he attained profound philosophical and psychological insights which anticipated important developments in 20th century thought, including psychoanalysis and existentialism. In addition, Dostoyevsky s powerful li
My Hobby 1). Hobby is a favourite occupation which people like to do when they have some free time.2). We choose a hobby according to our character and taste.3). Very often our hobby helps us to choose our future profession because we learn a lot of new things.4). Many people are interested in music.5). Others like reading or going on hikes, taking photographs or knitting.6). People living in citi
A men needs rest after hard work. Very often we are eagerly looking forward to weekends and holidays to enjoy ourselves.The word "holiday" comes from the words "holy day". Holidays were first religion festivals. Now many holidays have nothing to do with religion. Almost every country has holidays honouring important events in its history.Some holidays come on the same date of the same month, for i