Начался учебный год, и детям в школах каждый день приходится запоминать больше, чем взрослые узнают иногда за целый год. На сайте вы найдете всю нужную информацию для выполнения домашнего задания и сможете лучьше подготовиться к школе.

Sport in My School

   If you want to keep fit you must go in for one kind of sport or another.
   Sport is an essential part of my daily life. Every morning all the year round I do my morning exercises. Almost every day I do some training. In summer I go swimming or rowing. During my summer holidays I go on hikes. I usually spend my winter holidays in the country where I ski, skate or toboggan.
   I also go in for track-and-field (athletics) events. Different sports and games are popular with my classmates. All my friends go in for different kinds of sport, such as water polo, gymnastics, horse-racing, wrestling, fencing, weightlifting, boxing, ice-hockey, speed-skating, figure-skating, football, basket-ball, volley-ball, etc.
   We have fine teams at our school and different kinds of competitions take place there. The boys of my school are crazy about football, they play football and the girls are football fans. The girls never miss a single match played by school teams.
   And now a few words about our physical training lessons. In winter our physical training lessons are held out-of-doors. We go skiing or skating. When it is cold outside P.T. lessons are held indoors, in our school gymnasium. We play different team-games such as basket-ball or volley-ball. Besides we have some training in gymnastics.
   In autumn and in spring, when the weather is warm we have P.T. lessons at our school stadium. My school has a sports day once a year in late spring. On this day we have no lessons.
    All the competitors change into their sports clothes, the spectators find their seats round the track ready to cheer. All the events take place at the same time. This day is a great success every year. Even if the weather is not warm, we enjoy ourselves just the same.

Спорт в моей школе

   Если хочешь быть здоров, ты должен заниматься тем или иным видом спорта.
   Спорт — существенно необходимая часть моей жизни. Каждое утро, круглый год я делаю утреннюю гимнастику. Почти каждый день у меня тренировки. Летом я занимаюсь плаванием или греблей. На летних каникулах хожу в походы. Я обычно провожу зимние каникулы в деревне, где катаюсь на лыжах, коньках, санках.
   Также я увлекаюсь легкой атлетикой. Среди моих одноклассников популярны разные виды спорта. Все мои друзья занимаются такими видами спорта как водное поло, гимнастика, конный спорт, борьба, фехтование, тяжелая атлетика, бокс, хоккей, конькобежный спорт, фигурное катание, футбол, баскетбол и т. д.
   У нас в школе есть хорошие команды и проводятся разные виды соревнований. Мальчики моей школы без ума от футбола. Они играют в футбол, а девочки — футбольные болельщицы. Девочки никогда не пропускают матчи, в которых участвуют наши школьные команды.
   А теперь несколько слов о наших уроках физкультуры. Наши уроки физкультуры зимой проводятся на улице. Мы ходим на лыжах, катаемся на коньках. Когда на улице холодно, физкультуру проводят в помещении, в нашем школьном спортзале. Мы играем в различные игры, такие как баскетбол или волейбол. Кроме того, мы немного занимаемся гимнастикой.
   Осенью и весной, когда погода теплая, уроки физкультуры проводятся на нашем школьном стадионе. Раз в год, в конце весны, у нас в школе бывает день спорта. В этот день нет уроков.
   Все участники соревнований переодеваются в спортивную одежду, зрители рассаживаются вокруг беговой дорожки, готовые поддержать спортсменов. Все соревнования проводятся одновременно. Этот день успешно проходит каждый год. Даже если погода холодная, мы все равно получаем удовольствие.

New Year is a great holiday in our country. Everybody likes it very much. It is especially loved by little children. People do not go to work on that day, and children do not go to school. This holiday is considered to be a family holiday. It is usually celebrated at home among the members of the family.People decorate their houses and usually have a fir-tree which stands in the corner of the room
New Year is the most long-awaited (долгожданный) holiday. Many people associate it with magic and gifts. First of all it is surrounded by the wonderful smell of tangerines and Christmas trees, which helps to create a festive mood (праздничное настроение). People of all ages truly (искренне) believe that in New Year their goals (цели) and wishes will come true.New Year is an international holiday,
Greenwich Village and the East Village have always been at the centre of New York's excitement. Both have been places for people with different and creative ideas. Both have an active nightlife with plenty of bars, restaraurants and clubs. In the early 1900s the charm Greenwich Village attracted bohemians - writers and artists. By the 1920s, the streets of the Village were filled with other peole,
Moscow is the capital of Russia. It was first mentioned in the records dated back to the year 1147. At that time it was a small frontier post. The history of Moscow is connected with the history of Russia. In 1287 Moscow fell under the yoke of the Tatars. And it was the Moscow Prince Dmitry Donskoy who led the Russian troops to a decisive victory over the invaders in the battle of Kulikovo field i
London is a royal city. The British queen has a palace there – Buckingham Palace, which is the official London home of the Royal family. It is a vast 600 roomed palace but it has no style and is quite uninteresting. The 1st sovereign to live in the Palace was Queen Victoria. There is the Queen Victoria memorial in front of the building. The British people like the Queen and the royal family. They
Russia has always been a great agricultural country. Russian agriculture produces almost all the farm crops known in the world. The total area under cultivation is largely occupied by grain crops such as wheat, maize, barley, rye, oats, etc. The rest is occupied by potatoes and other vegetables, legumes, fruits and industrial crops. In the orchards and fruit gardens one can see plums and apples, p
China is the one of the largest countries in the world. The total area of the country is over million square kilometers. As to population China is the first country in the world. Over one thousand million peoples live in it. It means that one out of every five people in the whole world is Chinese. China is a great country, so only it has the man-made object which is visible from outer space - The
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About Myself    It is both pleasant and a bit difficult to speak about myself. It is pleasant because every person enjoys speaking about his or her interests, likes or dislikes. But at the same time it is difficult because to study a person, especially yourself, it is a great journey, not a little walk.   Speaking about my character I'd like first of all to define what character is. These are some
John F. Kennedy   John Fitzgerald Kennedy became the 35th President of the United States. The youngest ever elected to the presidency and the first of the Roman Catholic faith, John F. Kennedy won the election of November 1960, but later, he received the support of most Americans. They admired his personality, his lively family, his intelligence, and his tireless energy, and they respected his cou
The conquest of England by the Normans began in 1066 with the Battle of Hastings where the English fought against the Normans. The conquest was completed in 1071. Who were the Normans who conquered England? Some 150 years before the conquest of England they came to a part of France, opposite England, a part that we call Normandy. There they adopted the Christian faith, the French language and the