Начался учебный год, и детям в школах каждый день приходится запоминать больше, чем взрослые узнают иногда за целый год. На сайте вы найдете всю нужную информацию для выполнения домашнего задания и сможете лучьше подготовиться к школе.

About Myself

   It is both pleasant and a bit difficult to speak about myself. It is pleasant because every person enjoys speaking about his or her interests, likes or dislikes. But at the same time it is difficult because to study a person, especially yourself, it is a great journey, not a little walk.
   Speaking about my character I'd like first of all to define what character is. These are some qualities that make a person different from others. People often say about me that I am not like others. I don't think that I am something special. When candles are out all cats are grey. But of course if you come closer and turn on the light you can see that some features are typical to me.
   But to cut the long story short I think I am a good humoured, very responsible, hard working and emotional person. I like creativity and appreciate this trait in others. I don't like to he and I feel when others do. I try not to be late and I hate when others don't come on time. I prefer to associate with clever and polite people. It is very annoying when somebody whom I trust turns out to be unreliable.
   But I try to treat other people so as I want them to treat me. I see the man whom I am looking for also as a person with a strong and sound body and mind. The person, who is interesting to talk to, whom I can trust and rely on.
   As for my interests I am fond of psychology in the sphere of dealing with people and the questions of how to form your thoughts in the most favourable way. I adore travelling, seeing other people, their traditions, customs, to get acquainted with their culture, going sightseeing. Besides I like different kinds of music, I like music with rhythm you can dance to.

О себе

   О себе говорить приятно, но немного трудно. Приятно, потому что всем нравится говорить о своих интересах, вкусах и предпочтениях. Но это в то же время трудно, так как изучить человека, особенно себя самого, не так уж просто.
   Прежде чем говорить о своем характере, хотелось бы сначала уточнить, что такое характер. Человек отличается от остальных своими качествами. Часто люди говорят, что я не такой как остальные. Но я не считаю, что я какой-то особенный. В темноте все кошки серые. Но если вы подойдете ближе и включите свет, вы увидите, что мне присущи определенные черты.
   Но не будем вдаваться в подробности, и немного сократим рассказ. У меня хорошее чувство юмора, я ответственный, трудолюбивый и эмоциональный человек. Мне нравится творчество, и я ценю эту черту в других людях. Я не люблю ложь и чувствую, когда другие лгут. Я стараюсь никогда не опаздывать и терпеть не могу, когда другие не приходят вовремя. Я предпочитаю общаться с умными и вежливыми людьми. Досадно, когда тот, кому ты доверяешь, оказывается ненадежным человеком.
   Я стараюсь обращаться с другими так, как я хотел бы, чтобы они обращались со мной. Я ищу человека со здоровым и сильным умом и телом. Человека, с которым интересно общаться, которому я могу доверять и на кого можно положиться.
   Что касается моих интересов, мне нравится психология в плане общения с людьми, а также способа формирования мыслей наилучшим образом. Я очень люблю путешествовать, встречаться с новыми людьми, знакомиться с их традициями и обычаями, их культурой, смотреть достопримечательности. Мне также нравятся разные стили музыки, нравится ритмичная музыка, под которую можно танцевать.

Education in Britain   In England and Wales compulsory school begins at the age of five, but before that age children can go to a nursery school, also called play school. School is compulsory till the children are 16 years old.   In Primary School and First School children learn to read and write and the basis of arithmetic. In the higher classes of Primary School (or in Middle School) children le
My Favourite Book    My favourite book is "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.   I first discovered these stories when I was about twelve and I've loved them ever since. They're brilliantly written, full of bizarre crimes and they've got a terrific Victorian atmosphere.   When you read them you really feel like you've been carried back to nineteenth-century London.   All
My Plans for the Future    When you leave school you understand that the time to choose your future profession has come. It's not an easy task to make the right choice of a job. I have known for a long time that leaving school is the beginning of my independent life, the beginning of a far more serious examination of my abilities and character.   I have asked myself a lot of times: "What do I want
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Let me introduce myself. My full name is Andrei Andreevich Ivanov. I was named after my father and I am very happy about it. I was born on April, 7, 1981 in Moscow. I come from the family of office workers. I am an only child in the family. I am a pupil of the eleventh form of a secondary school. I'm finishing school this year. I want to enter the University of Moscow. That is why I have to study
The Official Holidays in RussiaJanuary 1 New Year's DayJanuary 7 Christmas, Russian OrthodoxMarch 8 International Women's DayMay 1-2 Spring and Labour HolidayMay 9 Victory Day (Over German Nazism in the WW2)June 12 Independence DayAugust 22 Day of the Russian Federation State FlagNovember 7 Day of Accord and ConciliationDecember 12 Constitution DayThe New Year is first on the calendar and in popul
About Myself    First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Andrew Nazarov. I am seventeen years old. I am a pupil of the 11th form. My family lives in Moscow in one of the residential areas.   My family is rather large. My parents have two more kids besides me. Thus I have got an elder sister Marina and a younger brother Ivan. My brother is a schoolboy, too. He is thirteen. He is rather tall
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The Book-bag   Some people read for instruction, and some for pleasure, but not a few read from habit. I belong to that company. Let us admit that reading with us is just a drug that we cannot get along without.   Books are necessary to me and I never travel far without enough reading matter.   But when I am starting on a long journey, the problem is really great. I have learnt my lesson. Once I f