Начался учебный год, и детям в школах каждый день приходится запоминать больше, чем взрослые узнают иногда за целый год. На сайте вы найдете всю нужную информацию для выполнения домашнего задания и сможете лучьше подготовиться к школе.

Choosing an Occupation

   There are many interesting and useful professions, and it is really not an easy task to choose the right one.
   I began to think about my future profession at the age of 15. My favourite subjects at school were mathematics and English. My teachers were well-educated people with deep knowledge of the subjects. They encouraged me in my desire to become an economist. Now I know well what I'm going to do after leaving school. I didn't make a blind choice. It was not a sudden flash either.
   I opted for a career in business economics. I came to this decision little by little. It was my father who aroused my interest in that field. You see, he is a chief economist at a large plant and I often saw him work at home and discuss business matters with his colleagues.
   To become a good specialist in economic matters and business one must know many sciences, such as business economics, finance and credits, statistics, history of economic theory and philosophy, mathematics, as well as economic management, trade business and, of course, marketing, which is a modern philosophy of business.
   It is very important for a specialist in business matters to be a skilful user of computers and to speak at least one foreign language. It should better be English as it is the most popular language of international business communication.
   You'll be able to follow business developments in the world by listening to radio and TV news, by reading newspapers or magazines, or by getting in contact with your business partners abroad.
   If I pass my entrance exams successfully and enter the University, I'll try to study to the best of my abilities to achieve my life's ambition and to justify the hopes of my parents. I also hope that I'll never regret my choice and get a well-paid and interesting job afterwards.
   Maybe I should consider a job in a world of banking. There's a surprisingly wide range to choose from, in the financial world.
   For example, I could work for a big international company, run my own company, write about economics as a financial journalist, run my own International Business Research Agency, raise money for charities or just sell famous paintings.

Выбор профессии

   Есть много интересных и полезных профессий, и это действительно нелегкая задача выбрать правильную.
   Я начал думать о моей будущей профессии в возрасте 15 лет. Моими любимыми предметами в школе были математика и английский язык. Мои учителя были высоко образованными людьми с глубоким знанием предметов. Они поощряли меня в моем желании стать экономистом. Теперь я знаю, что буду делать после окончания школы.
   Я выбрал карьеру в экономике бизнеса. Я приходил к этому решению постепенно. Именно отец пробудил мой интерес к той области. Он — главный экономист на большом заводе, и я часто видел, как он работал дома и обсуждал деловые вопросы со своими коллегами.
   Чтобы стать хорошим специалистом в экономических вопросах и бизнесе, нужно знать много наук, таких как экономика предприятий, финансы и кредиты, статистика, история экономических учений и философия, математика и, конечно, маркетинг, который является современной философией бизнеса.
   Для специалиста по вопросам бизнеса очень важно быть квалифицированным пользователем компьютера и говорить по крайней мере на одном иностранном языке. Лучше, если это будет английский, поскольку это самый популярный язык международного делового общения.
   Вы будете в состоянии следить за развитием бизнеса в мире, слушая радио и телевизионные новости, читая газеты или журналы, или контактировать с вашими деловыми партнерами за рубежом.
   Если я сдам свои вступительные экзамены успешно и поступлю в университет, то я попытаюсь учиться настолько хорошо, насколько позволяют способности, чтобы достичь цели своей жизни и оправдать надежды моих родителей. Я также надеюсь, что я никогда не буду жалеть о своем выборе и впоследствии получу хорошо оплачиваемую и интересную работу.
   Возможно, я должен подумать о работе в мире банковского дела. В финансовом мире есть удивительно широкий диапазон для выбора.
   Например, я мог бы работать в крупной международной компании, управлять своей собственной компанией, писать об экономике как финансовый обозреватель, управлять своим собственным Международным агентством исследования конъюнктуры, собирать деньги на благотворительность или просто продавать известные картины.

England is often subdivided into three parts: the South, the Midlands and the North. The South. The landscape is varied. The climate is warmer than in other areas. There are hundreds of miles of sea coast which vary from flat or stony beaches to high rocky cliffs. The mild and sunny climate makes the south coast popular with holiday-makers. Some coastal resorts are famous, Brighton among them. Som
There are a lot of places of interest in London. They are all worth seeing. On the north side of Trafalgar Square stands one of the world’s greatest art galleries. The National Gallery represents all schools of Western painting from the Italian Primitives to the early 20th century. Portraits by Reynolds and Gainsborough can be seen here. Since the time of William the Conqueror the Tower of London
A lot of people all over the world are interested in sport. Sport helps people to stay in good shape, keeps them fit, healthy and makes them more organized and better disciplined in there daily activities. We have always paid great attention to sport in our schools, colleges and universities. You can hardly find a school without a gym or a sport ground. Every city and town has a few stadiums or sw
Internet Facts   The prototype for the Internet was created in the sixties by the US Defense Department. To ensure that communication could be kept open in the event of a nuclear attack, it created a computer network known as Arpanet — the Advanced Research Project Agency Network.   The first attempt to connect two computers and allow them to communicate with one another was made by researchers at
My Favourite Room    We live in a new 16-storeyed block of flats. It's situated in a very picturesque place. There's a big supermarket on the ground floor and it's very convenient to do everyday shopping.   Our flat is on the fifth floor. It's very comfortable and well-planned. We have all modern conveniences, such as central heating, electricity, gas, cold and hot running water, and a telephone. 
Getting a jobWhen Paul left school he applied for (= wrote an official request for) a job in the accounts department of a local engineering company. They gave him a job as a trainee (= a very junior person in a company). He didn't earn very much but they gave him a lot of training (= organised help and advice with learning the job), and sent him on training courses.Note: Training is an uncountable
Princess Diana   Diana Frances Spencer was born on 1 July, 1961 in the estate of the Spencers in Norfolk. Diana's parents were from aristocratic families: her father's name is Viscount Althrop and her mother's name is Frances Roche. The ancestors of her father Earl Spencer were relatives of a royal dynasty. The mother had a noble title too. When Diana was six, her mother left the family and in 196
Thomas Edison   Thomas Edison was born in 1847. He first went to school at the age of eight and a half. But after only three months his teacher called him «stupid» and he came home crying.   From that time his mother taught him at home and he read science books by himself. He got a job sending telegraph messages. Then he started inventing things. At the age of 12 he had a job selling newspapers. H
Family Life   How close are you as a family?   We usually see each other at least once a month, maybe more often. We have lunch together on Sunday if we haven't got anything special to do. We live in Tula, which is about an hour and a half away, but we always come to Moscow where my mother and father live. It's not so far.   Usually my grandmother and my uncle and aunt are there too — we're quite
The adoption of a new constitution of Ukraine on the 28th of June 1996 became an important event in the life of the people of Ukraine. Our country has long-standing constitutional traditions. The first Constitution of Ukraine was written by hetman Philip Orlyk in 1710. Being the first constitution in Europe it was notable for its profound democracy. The experience of Ukrainian people's republic (1
Learning a Foreign Language   Foreign languages are absolutely necessary for people nowadays, because of our growing international contacts with foreign countries.   There are many reasons, why we begin to study foreign languages. One studies a foreign language to be able to communicate with other people who speak this language, other study it for future career.   If we are planning to travel to c
My Favourite Book    I've recently read a book, which has made a very deep impression on me. It is named "Gone with the Wind" The author of the book is Margaret Mitchell. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in a family of the president of the Atlanta Historical Society.   All the family was interested in American history and she grew up in an atmosphere of stones about the Civil War.   After graduat