Начался учебный год, и детям в школах каждый день приходится запоминать больше, чем взрослые узнают иногда за целый год. На сайте вы найдете всю нужную информацию для выполнения домашнего задания и сможете лучьше подготовиться к школе.

My Day off

   When we have time for leisure, we usually need something that can interest and amuse us. There are several ways to do this. In big cities it's often difficult to decide where to go in the evening.
   If we want to go out there are a lot of theatres, cinemas and clubs in our country where we can spend our free time. (But in small towns and villages they have no actors of their own. So they invite a group of actors from a big town to show plays.)
   People who are fond of music join a musical section where they are taught to play different instruments. Those who like to dance join a dancing section.
   People who are interested in sports can join sport sections such as tennis, basket-boll, chess and others. And, of course, all the people use radio or television. They switch on the radio set or TV set and choose the programme they like best of all. People who are interested in sports listen to or watch football and basket-ball matches. Everyone likes to see skating and dancing on the ice.
   Some people like music. They listen to concerts of modern and old music, new and old songs and see dances. Television helps us to "visit" different lands, see fish and insects, lakes, rivers and seas. We are shown different countries, cities and people who live there. On TV people could even see both sides of the Moon.
   Radio and television extend our knowledge about the world. All that we can do at home. So I think, that ways in which leisure time can be spent are different and interesting!

Мой выходной день

   Когда есть свободное время, нам нужно что-то, что могло бы заинтересовать или развлечь. Существует несколько способов для этого. В больших городах, часто трудно решить, куда пойти вечером.
   Если мы захотим куда-то пойти, есть множество театров, кинотеатров и клубов. (В маленьких городах и деревнях нет своих актеров. Поэтому приглашается' группа актеров из большого города для показа спектакля.)
   Люди, которые увлекаются музыкой, посещают музыкальные кружки, где обучаются игре на различных музыкальных инструментах. Те, кто любит танцевать, ходят в кружки танцев.
   Люди, которые увлекаются спортом, могут посещать такие спортивные секции как теннис, баскетбол, шахматы и другие. И, конечно, все пользуются радио и телевидением. Они включают радиоприемник или телевизор и выбирают программу, которую любят больше всего. Люди, которые увлекаются спортом, слушают или смотрят футбольные и баскетбольные матчи. Все любят смотреть фигурное катание и танцы на льду.
   Некоторые любят музыку. Они слушают концерты современной музыки и музыки прошлых лет, новые и старые песни и смотрят танцы. С помощью телевидения мы бываем на разных островах, видим рыб и насекомых, озера, реки и моря. Нам показывают различные страны, города и людей, которые живут там. По телевизору люди могут увидеть даже две стороны Луны.
   Радио и телевидение расширяют наши знания о мире. Все это мы видим, не выходя из дома. Поэтому я думаю, что способы проведения досуга могут быть различными и интересными.

Appearance: Parts of the Face   People who can't hear often learn to understand a spoken language with their eyes. They watch the mouth of the person talking and follow the movement of his lips. This is called lip-reading.   Some people think the distance between your hair and your eyebrow is a sign of how intelligent you are. The bigger your forehead is, the more intelligent you are supposed to b
Native Americans came from Asia. Over 20 000 years ago they traveled across the land between Siberia and Alaska. When English colonists came to the New World on board the "Mayflower" the native Americans met them and were very friendly and helped them a lot. In those days people lived in small earth houses and grew their own food. Some Indians ate only grass, nuts, and what fruit they could find.
In 1996, in winter I went to London. This city impressed me very much. When we leaved from Archangel the weather was terrible: it was awfully cold. But when we arrived to London there were green leaves on the trees and the air was much warmer then in our city. That was the first thing that impressed me in London. We lived not in the central part of the London City, but in the suburb, and the atmos
Sport is very important in our life. It is popular among young and old people. Many people do morning exercises, jog in the morning, train themselves in clubs, in different sections and take part in sport competitions. Other people like sports too, but they only watch sports games, listen to sports news. They prefer reading interesting stories about sportsmen. But they don't go in for sports. Phys
Christmas is a wonderful holiday, it’s a feast of Christ’s birth and it’s celebrated on the eve of 7th of January. In the mid-4th century it was established by the Roman Catholic church as a separate feast and was celebrated on 25 December according to the Julian calendar. In the 10th century with the introduction of the Christianity into Rus it was fused with the local pagan celebrations of the s
The Olympic Games    The Olympic Games have a very long history. They began in 777 ВС in Greece and took place every four years for nearly twelve centuries at Olympia. They included many different kinds of sports: running, boxing, wrestling, etc. All the cities in Greece sent their best athletes to Olympia to compete in the Games.   For the period of the Games all the wars stopped. So the Olympic
My Friends    I have a lot of friends, but the best friend of mine is Irina. She has blue eyes, a round face, fair hair and a broad smile. She is short and slim. I have known her for a long time, since our first school years. But we became true friends four years ago.    We have much in common: we like English and psychology, sport and dancing. We are looking at this world in the same way and firs
Why do We Learn English?   People began to speak many centuries ago, and since then they have been speaking different languages. Every language reflects the soul, behaviour and temperament of each nationality. Peoples created their own alphabets and rules, but they always wanted to communicate with each other, to understand and to know more about each other.   Languages help people to understand e
Music in Great Britain    The British have not been regarded as a particularly musical people and, from the end of the 17th century until the 20th century, there were relatively few British composers of international renown.   Before the 16th century, musical life was centred on the church, especially the cathedrals and the royal chapels. The choral works of John Taverner, William Byrd and Thomas
Great Britain forms the greater part of the British Isles, which lie off the north-west coast of mainland Europe. Great Britain is in fact the biggest of the group of islands which lies between the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The total area is 242,534-sq. km. “Great Britain’ is a geographical expression but the “United Kingdom” is a political expression. The full name is the United Kingdom o
Many people have hobbies. They make our life more interesting. A hobby is what people like to do when they have free time. Everyone chooses a hobby according to his character and taste. Some people are fond of music, others like to read books. Some people like to collect stamps, coins or badges, others prefer gardening or hiking or taking photographs. Some people like to cook, others like to knitt
Theodore Roosevelt   Theodore Roosevelt was born in New York City on October 27,1858. He was the second of the four children. Theodore was a puny kid when he was little and suffered from asthma. This kept him from being able to get out and play like other kids.   When Theodore was about 12, his father told him that he would need a strong body to give his mind a chance to develop fully. The next ye