Начался учебный год, и детям в школах каждый день приходится запоминать больше, чем взрослые узнают иногда за целый год. На сайте вы найдете всю нужную информацию для выполнения домашнего задания и сможете лучьше подготовиться к школе.

My Favourite Literary Character

   My favourite literary character is Elisa Doolittle. Elisa is the main character of Bernard Shaw's famous comedy "Pygmalion". Elisa is eighteen, she has a strong Cockney accent. She comes from the lowest social level. She makes money by selling flowers in the streets of London.
   Once Elisa meets Henry Higgins, a professor of phonetics. Elisa and Higgins begin to work hard at the girl's pronunciation and manners. Higgins makes an agreement with his friend Pickering that he will pass Elisa off as a duchess in six months.
   At last, before six months are over, she is well prepared to be introduced into society. Pickering and Higgins take her to a dinner party and the Queens dancing party.
   Everything is good and professor wins his bet. But what is to become of poor girl now when the game is over? She has acquired some culture and she wants to do useful work. Anyway, she can't sell flowers in the streets again. She wants her share of respect and independence.
   I like Elisa's quick wit, sense of humour and moral strength. The character of this girl shows how much force and talent lies undeveloped in common people. Elisa, thank to her mind and abilities, reaches a lot in life. And eventually people get to appreciate her.

Мой любимый литературный персонаж

   Мой любимый литературный персонаж — Элиза Дулитл. Элиза — главная героиня известной комедии Бернарда Шоу "Пигмалион". Элизе 18 лет, она говорит с сильным акцентом кокни. По происхождению она из нижних слоев общества. Она зарабатывает себе на жизнь, продавая цветы на улицах Лондона.
   Однажды Элиза встречает Генри Хиггинса, профессора фонетики. Элиза и Хиггинс усердно работают над ее произношением и манерами. Хиггинс заключает пари с Пикерингом, что он сможет выдать Элизу за герцогиню через 6 месяцев.
   В конце концов, меньше чем через 6 месяцев она готова быть представленной в обществе. Пикеринг и Хиггинс водят Элизу на обед и на королевский бал.
   Все идет хорошо, и профессор выигрывает пари. Но что будет с бедной девушкой после того, как игра закончена? Она выросла до определенного культурного уровня и хочет заниматься полезным делом. В любом случае, она не может опять продавать цветы на улицах. Ей нужны уважение и независимость.
   Мне нравится в Элизе живость ума, чувство юмора и моральная сила. Образ этой девушки показывает, как много сил и таланта остаются неразвитыми в простых людях. Благодаря уму и способностям Элиза добивается многого в жизни. И в результате люди начинают ценить ее.

Why Do We Learn the English Language    I am sure, in order to have a good job one should know foreign languages. The most widespread languages in the world are Chinese, Spanish, English and some others. But every well-educated person in the world speaks English, because it is the language of communication, business, science and culture.   English is now the most important and widespread language
Transport in Britain   You can reach England either by plane, by train, by car or by ship. The fastest way is by plane. London has three international airports: Heathrow, the largest, connected to the city by underground; Gatwick, south of London, with a frequent train service; Luton, the smallest, used for charter flights.   If you go to England by train or by car you have to cross the Channel. T
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Vladimir Vemadsky   Vladimir Vernadsky, born March 12, 1863, in St. Petersburg, died January 6, 1946, in Moscow. Pioneering geochemist, mineralogist, and crystallographer, philosopher of science, political activist, full member of the Russian (later USSR) Academy of Sciences, the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, corresponding member of the French Academy of Sciences. After graduating from St. Peters
My Favourite Literary Hero   "Pygmalion" is one of B. Shaw's best comedies and one of my favourite ones.   The principal characters of the play are Eliza Doolitle and Henry Higgins. Eliza, a girl of eighteen, makes her living by selling flowers in the streets of London. She comes from the lowest social strata and speaks with a strong Cockney accent, which is considered to be the most uncultured En
At School1). When children in our country are six or seven years old they begin to go to school.2). They spend there 5 or 6 hours daily during ten or eleven years.3). That's why we may very often hear a phrase, "School is our second home".4). There are different kinds of schools - secondary schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, schools specializing in foreign languages, in mathematics, chemistry, biology,
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My Friends    I have a lot of friends, but the best friend of mine is Irina. She has blue eyes, a round face, fair hair and a broad smile. She is short and slim. I have known her for a long time, since our first school years. But we became true friends four years ago.    We have much in common: we like English and psychology, sport and dancing. We are looking at this world in the same way and firs
Isaac Newton   Newton, one of the greatest scientists of all times was born in 1642 in the little village in Lincolnshire, England. His father was a farmer and died before Newton was born. His mother was a clever woman whom he always loved.   After the school, Newton studied mathematics at Cambridge university and received his degree in 1665. Then the university was closed because of the danger of
The Climate of Great Britain    Great Britain is situated on islands. It is washed by seas from all sides. That's why the climate and the nature of Great Britain is very specific. The popular belief that it rains all the time in Britain is simply not true. In fact, London gets no more rain in a year than most other major European cities. Generally speaking, the further west you go, the more rain y