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My Favourite Writer (M. Lermontov)

   One of Russia's most celebrated poets of all times, Michael Lermontov was born in Moscow in the family of a nobleman. He spent his childhood and youth in Tarckany, in the province of Penza.
   In 1830 Lermontov entered the Moscow University, but very soon he had to leave it. Then he entered St. Petersburg School of Cavalry Cadets. He finished it and served in the Hussar Regiment of the Imperial Guard.
   In 1837 the poet was exiled to the Caucasus for his poem "Poets Death". In 1840 Lermontov was exiled to the Caucasus for the second time. He was provoked into personal quarrel with his schoolmate. The quarrel led to a duel. On July 15th, 1841 the poet was killed. He was not even 27 at that time.
   Lermontov began writing when he was very young. One of his first writings to be published was his verse tale "Hadji Arbek".
   But he won fame as a poet after his poem "Poets Death" was published. Lermontov's poems "Demon" "Mtsyri" his great novel "A Hero of Our Time" and his play "Masquerade" are masterpieces of Russian literature.
   Whether he wrote poetry, drama or prose, the stamp of his genius was to be found on his works. Lermontov's influence as of a poet and a thinker on all Russian writes can't be overestimated.

Мой любимый писатель (М. Лермонтов)

   Один из наиболее знаменитых поэтов России всех времен, Михаил Лермонтов родился в Москве в семье дворянина. Он провел свое детство и молодость в Тарханах Пензенской губернии.
   В 1830 г. Лермонтов поступил в Московский университет, но вскоре вынужден был оставить учебу. Тогда он поступил в Санкт-петербургскую Школу кавалерийских юнкеров. Он закончил ее и служил в полку императорской охраны.
  В 1837 г. поэт был сослан на Кавказ за свое стихотворение «Смерть поэта». В 1840 г. Лермонтов был сослан на Кавказ второй раз. Его спровоцировали на личную ссору с товарищем. Ссора привела к дуэли. 15-го июля 1841 г. поэт был убит. Ему не было даже 27 лет.
   Лермонтов начал писать, когда он был еще очень молод. Одним из его первых опубликованных произведений был рассказ в стихах «Хаджи Арбек».
   Как поэт он стал известным после того, как было опубликовано его стихотворение «Смерть поэта». Стихи Лермонтова «Демон», «Мцыри», роман «Герой нашего времени» и пьеса «Маскарад» являются шедеврами российской литературы.
   Писал ли он поэзию, драму или прозу, печать гения лежала на всех его работах. Влияние Лермонтова как поэта и мыслителя на всю русскую письменность невозможно переоценить.

My School    Our school is a fine four-storeyed building. There are many classrooms and specialized rooms for studying different subjects in it.   The pupils study Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Russian, English, History, Geography and Biology in specialized rooms.   Chemistry, Physics and Biology are taught in well-equipped science rooms. There is equipment for laboratory experiments there. At
Russia has always been a great agricultural country. Russian agriculture produces almost all the farm crops known in the world. The total area under cultivation is largely occupied by grain crops such as wheat, maize, barley, rye, oats, etc. The rest is occupied by potatoes and other vegetables, legumes, fruits and industrial crops. In the orchards and fruit gardens one can see plums and apples, p
The Day of Knowledge in Russia   The National Day of Knowledge is celebrated in all parts of our country on the 1st of September.   Teachers, parents, pupils usually gather at the school yards in the morning of this day They can have different performances or concerts dedicated to The Day Of Knowledge. After that everybody congratulate each other and then pupils and parents give flowers to the tea
Education in Great Britain    Twelve million children attend about 40.000 schools in Britain. Education in Great Britain is compulsory and free for all children between the ages of 5 and 16. There are many children who attend a nursery school from the age of 3, but it is not compulsory. In nursery schools they learn some elementary things such as numbers, colours, and letters. Apart from that, bab
Family Life   How close are you as a family?   We usually see each other at least once a month, maybe more often. We have lunch together on Sunday if we haven't got anything special to do. We live in Tula, which is about an hour and a half away, but we always come to Moscow where my mother and father live. It's not so far.   Usually my grandmother and my uncle and aunt are there too — we're quite
Russia is one of the largest countries of the world. It occupies about one seventh part of dry land. Its total area is over 17 million square kilometres. The country borders Finland and Norway in the north-west and China and Korea in the south-east. Its washed by several seas and three oceans. There are different types of climate in the various regions of Russia. It is very cold in Yakutia even in
Large and famous American cites are: Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Washington is the capital of the USA. It is situated on the Potomac River in the District of Columbia. G. Washington chose the place. The city was founded in 1791 and named after the first president. Now Washington is the residents of the president and the congress. The center of the city i
Places of Interest in Great Britain    Great Britain is rich in world-famous places. Hide Park is the London's largest and most fashionable park. It was once a royal hunting forest. There are restaurants and bars at each end of the Serpentine lake. You can hire a boat there.   Number 10, Downing Street has been the home of the British Prime Minister since 1735.   The official name of the Houses of
Moscow is the capital of Russia. It is one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in the world. Moscow is a modern city now. The population of the city is about 9.8 million people. Moscow is a political centre, where the government of our country works. Moscow was founded in 1147 by Yuri Dolgoruky. The total area of Moscow is about nine hundred square kilometres. We say that Moscow is a port of
A giant among states, vast Texas was once a sovereign nation. During 300 years of rule by Spain, it had sprawled like a sleeping giant, its riches undeveloped and its colonization limited to a few missions, supported by presidios (military posts). When Mexico became an independent country in 1821, Texas became a Mexican state and new settlers from the United States were welcomed. The large influx
In 1996, in winter I went to London. This city impressed me very much. When we leaved from Archangel the weather was terrible: it was awfully cold. But when we arrived to London there were green leaves on the trees and the air was much warmer then in our city. That was the first thing that impressed me in London. We lived not in the central part of the London City, but in the suburb, and the atmos
Vladimir Vemadsky   Vladimir Vernadsky, born March 12, 1863, in St. Petersburg, died January 6, 1946, in Moscow. Pioneering geochemist, mineralogist, and crystallographer, philosopher of science, political activist, full member of the Russian (later USSR) Academy of Sciences, the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, corresponding member of the French Academy of Sciences. After graduating from St. Peters