Начался учебный год, и детям в школах каждый день приходится запоминать больше, чем взрослые узнают иногда за целый год. На сайте вы найдете всю нужную информацию для выполнения домашнего задания и сможете лучьше подготовиться к школе.

My Foreign Language Teacher

   When we first come to school, a teacher meets us and says: "I am going to teach you how to write, to read, and to count." No matter how many teachers we have after that, we remember our first teacher's name for the rest of our lives. Teachers are with us during all our life. We always remember what they say and how they act.
   I'd like to say some words about my favourite school teacher. She teaches English. She was the first who introduced us to the wide world of the English language. And during all school years English was my favourite subject.
   I think very much depends on the teacher of this or that subject. We are lucky to have such a nice teacher of English. First, she is a very good professional. She is competent in everything what she teaches us. She is very tactful. Learning languages and teaching-them requires infinite patience. And I must say that our teacher is very patient correcting our mistakes in reading, pronunciation, and spelling.
   She always looks perfect, and we never see her face angry or unfriendly. She loves children, and it is very important in a teacher's work.
   Teachers do not only teach their subjects. They develop their pupils' intellect, their attitudes to life and to other people.

Мой учитель иностранного языка

   Когда мы впервые приходим в школу, учитель встречает нас и говорит: «Я научу вас читать и считать». Независимо от того, сколько учителей у нас будет потом, мы помним имя своего первого учителя всю оставшуюся жизнь. Мы всегда помним то, что они говорят и как они поступают.
   Я хотел бы сказать несколько слов о моей любимой учительнице. Она преподает английский язык. Она первой открыла для нас огромный мир английского языка. И на протяжении всех школьных лет английский был моим любимым предметом.
   Я думаю, что очень многое зависит от учителя того или иного предмета. Нам повезло с таким хорошим учителем английского языка. Во-первых, она очень хороший профессионал. Наш учитель компетентна во всем, что преподает нам. Она очень тактична. Она терпеливо исправляет наши ошибки в чтении, произношении и правописании.
   Она всегда прекрасно выглядит, и мы никогда не видим ее сердитой или недружелюбной. Она любит детей, и это очень важно в работе учителя.
   Учителя не только преподают свои предметы. Они развивают интеллект своих учеников, формируют их отношение к жизни и к другим людям.

I have many hobbies because there are many interesting things to do. Unfortunately I don't have much spare time as I'm going to be a student. That's why I have to study a lot. I like doing different things: Such as reading detective stories, listening to the music, playing tennis with my classmates. But my favorite hobby is solving crossword puzzles. It's not only interesting, but also very useful
My Family    I am Nikita Kuznetsov. I am fifteen years old. I want to tell you a few words about my family. My family is large. I have got a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, and a grandmother. There are six of us in the family.   I think I take after my father, f m tall, fair-haired, and even-tempered.   We have got a lot of relatives. We are attached to one another and we get on very well. 
Choosing an Occupation    There are many interesting and useful professions, and it is really not an easy task to choose the right one.   I began to think about my future profession at the age of 15. My favourite subjects at school were mathematics and English. My teachers were well-educated people with deep knowledge of the subjects. They encouraged me in my desire to become an economist. Now I k
Why Do We Learn the English Language    I am sure, in order to have a good job one should know foreign languages. The most widespread languages in the world are Chinese, Spanish, English and some others. But every well-educated person in the world speaks English, because it is the language of communication, business, science and culture.   English is now the most important and widespread language
Cycling   We often hear a saying «Don't invent a bicycle» about something simple and known for a long time.   Really, the bicycle is old enough — more than a hundred years of age. Its first prototype appeared in 1791 in France. In 1800 a Russian peasant Artamonov made an iron bicycle and travelled on it from Nizhni Tagil to Moscow.   First bicycles looked odd: a large (about 1.5m high) front wheel
My School    I am going to tell you about my school. I have finished school number 129. My school is new and modern and it is very cosy and all the pupils like it very much, it is really home for everyone, not only who studies there but for all the stuff.   It has four floors. The classrooms are light and high. There are classrooms for practically all the subjects — two rooms for English classes,
London is the capital of Great Britain, its political, economic and commercial center. It’s one of the largest cities in the world and the largest city in Europe. Its population is about 9 million. London is one of the oldest and most interesting cities in the world. Traditionally it’s divided into several parts: the City, Westminster, the West End and the East End. They are very different from ea
London Traffic   London is so large that visitors must learn to use buses and the underground to get about. London taxis are too expensive for any but the rich. You can get a map of the underground and the bus routes at any ticket office. The word "Underground" across a large circle shows you where the stations are. The London underground is called the "tube".   Bus stops are marked clearly. In th
Education in Britain   In England and Wales compulsory school begins at the age of five, but before that age children can go to a nursery school, also called play school. School is compulsory till the children are 16 years old.   In Primary School and First School children learn to read and write and the basis of arithmetic. In the higher classes of Primary School (or in Middle School) children le
I would like to tell about my attitude to sport. Sport is very important in our life. We meet it since the very first days of the life. When a mother puts her baby's arms left and right it is the first step to physical training. Then a child goes to a kindergarten and has lessons in physical training. Every child likes to play games. When you are faster and stronger than your friends you win. If y
My Attitude to Sports    If you want to be healthy, strong and beautiful you should go in for sports. If you want to keep yourselves fit, you should go in for sport regularly. Nobody likes to be stout and clumsy.   We enjoy watching nice bodies of sportsmen, their strength and adroitness.   When I go in for sports I feel wonderful. I don't sneeze or cough. I am cheerful, active and full of energy.
John F. Kennedy   John Fitzgerald Kennedy became the 35th President of the United States. The youngest ever elected to the presidency and the first of the Roman Catholic faith, John F. Kennedy won the election of November 1960, but later, he received the support of most Americans. They admired his personality, his lively family, his intelligence, and his tireless energy, and they respected his cou