Начался учебный год, и детям в школах каждый день приходится запоминать больше, чем взрослые узнают иногда за целый год. На сайте вы найдете всю нужную информацию для выполнения домашнего задания и сможете лучьше подготовиться к школе.

My Hobby - My Pets

   I have several hobbies. But my major hobby is looking after my pets. I am fond of animals. I think nothing else in our life could supply us with more pleasant emotions than our pets. It is so pleasant to know that somebody needs you and loves you only for the fact that you exist. Your friends can betray you, but your pets — never.
   Now let me tell you about my pets. I have two cats and a dog.
   One cat is male. Its name is Ryzhyk. He is 5 years old. His fur is reddish-brown. He likes to play with a ball. Actually, he has a dog-like behaviour. He performs different tricks and prefers the company of the dog to the company of the cat. He won several prizes at different Cat Shows.
   My second cat is of no breed. It's a female. Her name is Makha. She is 4 years old, long-haired, tabby. She doesn't like lively games. Her favourite pastime is lying on the windowsill and thinking about the sense of life.
   And the youngest of my pets is French bulldog, 2 years old. Her name is Zhuzha. She is spotted in colour. She also has some prizes from the Dog Shows. It's a cheerful little dog whose loyalty is almost unlimited.
   To my opinion, the role of pets in our life is best described by Austrian zoologist Conrad Lorenz. In one of his books he said: "In rapid current of our life a present-day man from time to time wants to feel he is still himself, and nothing can give him such a pleasant confirmation of it, but "four legs" mincing behind".

Мое хобби - мои домашние любимцы

   У меня несколько любимых занятий. Но основное мое увлечение — забота о моих домашних любимцах. Я очень люблю животных. Мне кажется, ничто другое в жизни не может доставить нам столько приятных эмоций, как наши любимцы. Так приятно знать, что ты кому-то нужен, и кто-то любит тебя только за то, что ты есть. Друзья могут предать, а домашние любимцы никогда.
   А теперь позвольте мне рассказать вам о моих домашних любимцах. У меня собака и две кошки.
   Один из них — кот. Его зовут Рыжик. Ему 5 лет. Мех у него рыжего цвета. Он любит играть с мячиком. На самом деле, у него собачье поведение. Он выполняет разные трюки и предпочитает компанию собаки компании кошки. Он завоевал несколько призов на разных кошачьих выставках.
   Моя вторая кошка беспородная. Ее зовут Маха. Ей 4 года, она длинношерстная, полосатая. Она не любит энергичные игры. Ее любимое занятие — лежать на подоконнике.
   Самый юный мой воспитанник — французский бульдог. Это девочка, ей 2 года. Ее зовут Жужа. У нее пятнистый окрас. У нее тоже есть призы с собачьих выставок. Это маленькая жизнерадостная собачка, преданность которой не знает границ.
   Я считаю, что лучше всего роль домашних питомцев в нашей жизни описал австрийский зоолог Конрад Лоренц. В одной из своих книг он сказал: «В быстротечности нашей жизни современный человек время от времени хочет почувствовать, что он пока еще остается самим собой, и ничто не дает ему более приятного подтверждения этому, чем «четыре лапы», которые семенят позади».

Thanksgiving    Almost in every culture in the world there is a celebration of thanks for rich harvest. The American Thanksgiving began as a feast of thanksgiving almost four hundred years ago.   In 1620, a religious community sailed across the Atlantic Ocean to settle in the New World. They settled in what is now known as the state of Massachusetts.   Their first winter in America was difficult.
The Republic of Belarus is situated in the centre of Europe. It borders on Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, the Ukrain, Russia and Poland. La. territory ifs much larger then such countries as Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece and the number of others. Its present population is about 12 million people. Belarus is a land of vast plains and picturesque hills, thick forests and green meadows, deep blue la
Climate in Great Britain   The British Isles which are surrounded by the ocean have an insular climate.   There are 3 things that chiefly determine the climate of the United Kingdom: the position of the islands in the temperate belt; the fact that the prevailing winds blow from the west and south-west and the warm current — the Gulf Stream that flows from the Gulf of Mexico along the western shore
Press in Britain   Probably in no other country are there such great differences between the daily newspapers.   On the one hand, there are the 'quality' newspapers: The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, The Financial Times, and The Daily Telegraph. These concern themselves with factual reports of major national and international events in the world of politics and business, art and sport.   O
My Favourite Book    I've recently read a book, which has made a very deep impression on me. It is named "Gone with the Wind" The author of the book is Margaret Mitchell. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in a family of the president of the Atlanta Historical Society.   All the family was interested in American history and she grew up in an atmosphere of stones about the Civil War.   After graduat
There are a lot of places of interest in London. They are all worth seeing. On the north side of Trafalgar Square stands one of the world’s greatest art galleries. The National Gallery represents all schools of Western painting from the Italian Primitives to the early 20th century. Portraits by Reynolds and Gainsborough can be seen here. Since the time of William the Conqueror the Tower of London
Getting a JobGetting a job is a very hard period in the life of most people. Companies choose an employee from hundreds of candidates according to special rules, that is why there are special "typical" factors, influencing on employer"s choice. Among such factors are: age, sex, experience, family background and marital status, personality and references.If you are to go to an interview tomorrow, s
The State Power System in the Russian Federation   In 1992 — shortly after the Soviet Union broke up — Russia established a transitional (temporary) government headed by Boris N. Yeltsin. Yeltsin had been elected president of the R.S.F.S.R. in 1991. After the break-up of the Soviet Union, Yeltsin continued to serve as president of Russia. In December 1993, Russia adopted a new constitution that es
Franklin and Jefferson   Benjamin Franklin was self-educated» which means that he was too poor to go to school and therefore got good education.   As a boy he helped his father to make candles, which were thought to look more romantic that electric lights. When he was twelve Benjamin was so interested in reading that he gave up eating in order to buy books. Franklin was a plump, well-rounded man w
Peter Tchaikovsky   Almost everybody knows "The Nutcracker Suite" with its "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" and "Waltz of the Flowers" "The Nutcracker Suite" was written as a ballet, but many more people have heard the music than have seen the ballet. Some of Tchaikovsky's other compositions are well-known too. Among them are the "Swan Lake" and "Sleeping Beauty" (ballets), the "Romeo and Juliet" (
In 1453 before Christ the first games were held in Olympia. Beginning with approximately 776 before Christ the games were organised every fourth year. These sports consisted of running, wrestling and other exercises. The favourite games of that time were horse-racing and jumping. The ancient winners got wreaths of palm leaves. The modern Olympic Games began again in 1896. They take place every fou
Places of interest. Washington, D.C., is the capital of the US. Its grew to become one of the most important and beautiful cities in the world. It is the site of impressive government buildings, magnificent monuments, important historical places, fine museums and malls. Every year Washington Is visited by millions of tourists from all parts of the US and from other countries of the world. But the