Начался учебный год, и детям в школах каждый день приходится запоминать больше, чем взрослые узнают иногда за целый год. На сайте вы найдете всю нужную информацию для выполнения домашнего задания и сможете лучьше подготовиться к школе.

My Hobby (Reading)

   My hobby is reading. Some people think that as more and more people have televisions in their homes, fewer and fewer people will buy books and newspapers.
   Why read an article in the newspaper, when the TV news can bring you the information in a few minutes and with pictures? Why read a novel, when a play on television can tell you1 the same story with colour, picture, and action? Why read the biographies of famous people, when an hour-long television programme can tell you all that you want to know?
   Television has not killed reading, however. Today newspapers and magazines are sold in very large numbers. And books of every kind are sold more than ever before. Books are still a cheap way to get information and entertainment.
   Although some books with hard covers are expensive, many books are published today as paperback books, which are reasonably cheap. A paperback novel, for example, is almost always cheaper than an evening in the cinema or theatre, and you can keep a book forever and read it many times.
   Books at home are a wonderful source of knowledge and pleasure, and some types of books should be in every home. Every home should have dictionaries. Every home should have an atlas of the world, with large maps. A good encyclopedia is useful, too, because there you can find information on any subject.
   In addition, it is useful to have on your bookshelves other inquiry books such as history, science textbooks, cookery books, books about medicine and health, etc.
   It is important to have some fiction on your shelves, too. Then you can relax with a good story, or from time to time you can take a book of poems off your shelf and read the thoughts and feelings of your favourite poets.

Мое хобби (Чтение)

    Мое хобби — чтение. Некоторые думают: чем больше людей имеют в доме телевизор, тем меньше и меньше будут покупаться книги и газеты.
   Зачем читать статью в газете, если телевизионные новости могут дать вам информацию за несколько минут в картинках? Зачем читать роман, если телевизионный спектакль может рассказать вам ту же самую историю, но в цвете, с картинкой и действием? Зачем читать биографии известных людей, если часовая телевизионная программа может рассказать вам обо всем, что вы хотите знать?
   Как бы то ни было, телевидение не уничтожило чтение. Сегодня газеты и журналы продаются в очень больших количествах. И всевозможных книг продается больше, чем когда-либо прежде. Книги все еще являются дешевым источником информации и развлечения.
   Поскольку некоторые книги в твердой обложке дорогие, много книг издается в мягкой обложке, и они дешевые. Роман в мягкой обложке, например, почти всегда обходится дешевле, чем вечер в кино или театре, и вы можете хранить книгу и читать ее много раз.
   Домашние книги — замечательный источник знания и удовольствия, а некоторые виды книг должны быть в каждом доме. В каждом доме должны быть словари. В каждом доме должен быть атлас мира с большими картами. Хорошая энциклопедия полезна тоже, потому что там можно найти информацию обо всем на свете.
   Кроме того, полезно иметь на ваших книжных полках другую справочную литературу, такую как учебники по истории и науке, поваренные книги, книги по медицине, о здоровье и т. д.
   Важно также иметь на полках художественную литературу. Тогда вы сможете расслабиться, читая хороший рассказ; а время от времени с полки можно взять сборник стихов и прочитать мысли ваших любимых поэтов.

Shopping    When we want to buy something, we go to a shop. There are many kinds of shops in every town or city, but most of them have a food supermarket, a department store, men's and women's clothing stores, grocery, a bakery and a butchery.   I like to do my shopping at big department stores and supermarkets. They sell various goods under one roof and this is very convenient. A department store
Places of Interest in London   Hyde Park   It's the London's largest and most fashionable park. It was once a royal hunting forest. There are restaurants and bars at each end of the Serpentine lake. Hire a boat.   Downing Street   Number 10, Downing Street has been the home of the British Prime Minister since 1735.  The Houses of Parliament   Its official name is the Palace of Westminster. Most of
Manchester   Manchester is one of the English most important cities. It is located in the northern part of England, not far from Liverpool. Today the population of Manchester is 438,000.   Manchester began, when a wooden fort was built by the Roman army on a plateau about 80 AD. The fort was rebuilt in stone about 200 AD. Soon a civilian settlement grew up around the fort.   However in 407 the Rom
Famous Landmarks: the Kremlin   At the heart of the city stands the Kremlin. This old fortress was the centre of the Soviet Union's government until that nation was dissolved in 1991. Since then, it has been the centre of the Russian government. Inside its walls, which extend almost 11.2 miles (2.4 kilometres), are beautiful cathedrals and palaces, as well as government buildings. Some of the cath
Bernard Shaw   George Bernard Shaw was born in Dublin, Ireland, on 26th of July, in 1856.   At the age of twenty one, Shaw came to live in London. His first five novels were rejected by London publishers, but became well sort after when Shaw became a famous playwright.   In his own words, Shaw said he was a writing machine. He wrote 65 plays and many pamphlets. His interests lay in politics, socia
My Friend    I am not a very sociable person yet there are people whom I can call friends.   One of them is Oleg. He is seventeen.   He left school last year and now he's a student of the University. Oleg is a future economist.   He does not have much time but if he has, Oleg likes to spend it in a good company. Oleg likes to listen to music, dance, watch new films, discuss them and do many other
John F. Kennedy   John Fitzgerald Kennedy became the 35th President of the United States. The youngest ever elected to the presidency and the first of the Roman Catholic faith, John F. Kennedy won the election of November 1960, but later, he received the support of most Americans. They admired his personality, his lively family, his intelligence, and his tireless energy, and they respected his cou
Varieties of English   As English has spread, so has it changed, and there are now several recognised varieties of English. While the English spoken in Britain's former "white" colonies — the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand — is still very similar to British English, and differs from it only in matters of vocabulary and phraseology, the English spoken in the West Indies and in cou
I you want to feel fit you'd better go in for one kind of sport or another. I should admit that everyone must do all he can to be healthy. Good health is better than the best medicine. as the old Latin saying goes. The English proverb expresses a similar idea but from different point of view. All kinds of physical exercises are very useful to make our bodies strong and to keep ourselves fit and he
The best way to see a strange city is to buy a map and a guide-book. If you want to learn, more about a city, it is useful to walk along the streets and look around to see historical places, buildings and monuments. There is no doubt that you should visit art galleries and museums. Moscow, the capital of Russia, is one of the largest cities in the world. It stands on the bank of the Moskva River.
Winter Sports   Usually, when talking about winter sports we have in mind all sports having to do with ice and snow.   But some sports such as hockey and figure skating, should be considered summer sports.   They are played all over the world on artificial ice rinks.   It is interesting to participate in speed races, but it is much more interesting to watch speed races.   Hockey is played on a rin
My Favourite Literary Character   My favourite literary character is Elisa Doolittle. Elisa is the main character of Bernard Shaw's famous comedy "Pygmalion". Elisa is eighteen, she has a strong Cockney accent. She comes from the lowest social level. She makes money by selling flowers in the streets of London.   Once Elisa meets Henry Higgins, a professor of phonetics. Elisa and Higgins begin to w