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Топики/Сочинения по английскому на тему: Great Britain - Великобритания

Museums and Art Galleries in London
English Meals - Английская еда
Manchester - Манчестер
Meals in Britain - Еда в Британии
British Homes - Жилища англичан
Проблема защиты окружающей среды в Великобритании
Transport in Britain - Транспорт в Британии
Cambridge - Кембридж
The Weather in England - Погода в Англии
A Brief History of Cambridge - Краткая история Кембриджа
Life of Youth in Britain - Жизнь молодежи в Великобритании (2)
The Geographical Position of Great Britain - Географическое положение Великобритании
London, Capital of Great Britain - Лондон - столица Великобритании
Places of Interest in London - Достопримечательности Лондона
Places of Interest in Great Britain - Достопримечательности Великобритании (3)
Britain's Ecological Activity - Экологическая деятельность Британии
Climate in Great Britain - Климат в Великобритании
Education in Great Britain: Higher Education - Образование в Великобритании: Высшее образование
The Geographical Position of Great Britain - Географическое положение Великобритании (3)
The Weather in England - Погода в Англии (2)
The Climate of Great Britain - Климат Великобритании (2)
Agriculture - Сельское хозяйство
Education in Great Britain - Образование в Великобритании
British Cuisine - Английская кухня
The Towns of Great Britain - Города Великобритании
Places of Interest in Great Britain
British Museums - Британские музеи
Places of Interest in Great Britain - Достопримечательности Великобритании (2)
Democracy in Great Britain - Демократия в Великобритании

At the Library. My School Library.   Libraries are very important in the life of all people. We can't buy all the books we want to read. That's why we take out books from libraries.   A lot of people go to libraries on Saturdays. They have some time to spare, because Saturday is a day off. They bring their books to the library and go home taking new books.   The librarians take books from the peop
Yury Gagarin   On April 12, 1961, Yury Gagarin made history by being the first human to orbit the earth.   As a precaution, engineers at the Soviet Academy of Sciences had an onboard computer, as well as mission control steer the craft, "Vostok 1". They did this because the feared that being in the weightlessness of space, you might be disabled or not be able to move very much. He wouldn't need an
Peter Tchaikovsky   Almost everybody knows "The Nutcracker Suite" with its "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" and "Waltz of the Flowers" "The Nutcracker Suite" was written as a ballet, but many more people have heard the music than have seen the ballet. Some of Tchaikovsky's other compositions are well-known too. Among them are the "Swan Lake" and "Sleeping Beauty" (ballets), the "Romeo and Juliet" (
Why Do We Learn the English Language    I am sure every well-educated person should speak English, because it is the language of communication, business, science and culture.English is now the most important and widespread language in the world. It is the state language in five countries: Great Britain, Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. In many Asian and African countries people speak En
The USA is situated in the central part of the North American continent. The total area is over 9 million square kilometers. The Pacific Ocean washes its western coast and the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico in the south washed its eastern coast. It borders on Canada in the north and Mexico in the south. The USA is a federal republic of fifty states and the District of Columbia. At first it
New Year is a great holiday in our country. Everybody likes it very much. It is especially loved by little children. People do not go to work on that day, and children do not go to school. This holiday is considered to be a family holiday. It is usually celebrated at home among the members of the family.People decorate their houses and usually have a fir-tree which stands in the corner of the room
My Plans for the Future    I am a school leaver and a problem of choosing a profession is the most urgent for me now. Certainly I have thought this question over for a long time. My parents have their own opinion on it. But as the time of leaving school is closer, my worries become stronger and stronger.   As the most of my friends and classmates I am going to enter the university or some other hi
Greenwich Village and the East Village have always been at the centre of New York's excitement. Both have been places for people with different and creative ideas. Both have an active nightlife with plenty of bars, restaraurants and clubs. In the early 1900s the charm Greenwich Village attracted bohemians - writers and artists. By the 1920s, the streets of the Village were filled with other peole,
The History of the Olympic Games   Long ago ancient Greeks often waged wars. Small states suffered and lost much even if they did not take any side and stayed out of wars. The ruler of such a small state, Elis, wanted to live in peace with all neighbours. He was a good diplomat because his negotiations were successful and Elis was recognized a neutral state. To celebrate this achievement, he organ
Sport in Russia   Can you give a description to the word "sport"? Sport is an organized, competitive, entertaining and skilful activity, which requires following some certain rules. It is an integral part of our life. It is very popular among people of all nationalities and different age groups. Sport helps us to be in good form, to keep fit, it makes us more organized, disciplined and strong-will
The USA is the South largest country in the world (after Russia, Canada and China). Including the states of Alaska and Hawaii, The US covers an area of 9 millions square km. It borders Canada on the North. Besides, it is such a great nation that it covers 4 times zone. Almost every kind of climate may be found there but the country lies mostly in the temperate zone. The US is a varied land of fore
Moscow is the capital of Russia. It was first mentioned in the records dated back to the year 1147. At that time it was a small frontier post. The history of Moscow is connected with the history of Russia. In 1287 Moscow fell under the yoke of the Tatars. And it was the Moscow Prince Dmitry Donskoy who led the Russian troops to a decisive victory over the invaders in the battle of Kulikovo field i