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Museums and Art Galleries in London
English Meals - Английская еда
Manchester - Манчестер
Meals in Britain - Еда в Британии
British Homes - Жилища англичан
Transport in Britain - Транспорт в Британии
Проблема защиты окружающей среды в Великобритании
The Weather in England - Погода в Англии
Cambridge - Кембридж
Life of Youth in Britain - Жизнь молодежи в Великобритании (2)
The Geographical Position of Great Britain - Географическое положение Великобритании
A Brief History of Cambridge - Краткая история Кембриджа
London, Capital of Great Britain - Лондон - столица Великобритании
Places of Interest in London - Достопримечательности Лондона
Places of Interest in Great Britain - Достопримечательности Великобритании (3)
Britain's Ecological Activity - Экологическая деятельность Британии
Education in Great Britain: Higher Education - Образование в Великобритании: Высшее образование
The Weather in England - Погода в Англии (2)
Climate in Great Britain - Климат в Великобритании
Education in Great Britain - Образование в Великобритании
Agriculture - Сельское хозяйство
The Climate of Great Britain - Климат Великобритании (2)
The Towns of Great Britain - Города Великобритании
The Geographical Position of Great Britain - Географическое положение Великобритании (3)
Places of Interest in Great Britain
British Cuisine - Английская кухня
British Museums - Британские музеи
Places of Interest in Great Britain - Достопримечательности Великобритании (2)
English Traditions - Английские традиции

Computers in my life    Computer addicts are the minority of computer users but there is no doubt that more and more young people are computer literate. Computer studies is a subject in many schools and many young people have personal computers. About one in three hundred computer owners spend almost all their time using computers.   Ninety six per cent of them are males of all ages. All of them s
Millions of people all over the world are fond of sports and games. Sport helps people to stay in good shape, keeps them fit and makes them more organized and better disciplined in their daily activities. We have always paid great attention to sport in our schools, colleges and universities. You can hardly find a school without a gym or a sports ground. Every city and town has a few stadiums or sw
The British Isles haven't always been a separate part of Europe. Long time ago Britain was a part of the European continent. Then about ten thousand years ago during the end of the last Ice Age, when the climate grew warmer, new rivers and sees were formed Europe slowly moved into its present shape. The ancient people of Britain were simple hunters and ate flesh of animals fruits, nuts, honey. The
New Year in the United States   In the United States, New Year's Eve is a time for entertaining.   Many people go to parties and masquerade balls, where, according to an old tradition, guests unmask at midnight.   Thousands of Americans gather in Times Square in the heart of New York City, This is probably the noisiest and the most crowded New Year's Eve celebration in the world!   At one minute b
Transport in Britain   You can reach England either by plane, by train, by car or by ship. The fastest way is by plane. London has three international airports: Heathrow, the largest, connected to the city by underground; Gatwick, south of London, with a frequent train service; Luton, the smallest, used for charter flights.   If you go to England by train or by car you have to cross the Channel. T
Vladimir the Great   Vladimir the Great, born about 956, died on July, 15, 1015, in Vyshhorod, near Kiev. Grand Prince of Kiev from 980; son of Sviatoslav I Ihorevych and Malusha and father of 11 princes by five wives, including Sviatopolk I, Yaroslav the Wise, Mstislav Vladimirovich, and Saints Boris and Hleb Vladimirovich. In 969 Grand Prince Sviatoslav I named his son Vladimir, the prince of No
The world’s greatest international sports games are known as the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games have a very long history. They began in 777 BC in Greece and took place every four years for nearly twelve centuries at Olympia. They included many different kinds of sports: running, boxing, wrestling, long jumping, throwing of disks, chariot races, etc. All the cities in Greece sent their best athle
I like New Year's Day, it is my favourite holiday. The 1st of January is a winter holiday and now it is the first day of the New Year. Peter the First changed the Russian calendar in 1699. He made the 31st of December, 1699 the last day of the year. The first of January 1700 became New Year's Day.The 1st of January is in the middle of winter. The weather is usually fine and there is a lot of snow
Holidays in the USA    Probably the most widely celebrated holidays in the United States of America are Thanksgiving, Independence Day and Christmas.   Thanksgiving Day is marked on the fourth Thursday of November. On this day Americans thank their God for his blessings. Families gather together for a traditional dinner which includes roast turkey and pumpkin pie.   Independence Day is marked on t
The Tretyakov Gallery   Moscow is replete with art galleries and museums. Yet there is one gallery that remains a symbol of Russian art. It is the world-famous Tretyakov Gallery.   The founder of the gallery was the entrepreneur Pavel Tretyakov (1832—1898), who was from the merchant class. Beginning in 1856, Tretyakov had a hobby of collecting works by the Russian artists of his time. He was a fam
Developing of Telecommunications   I would like to tell you about telecommunications and their developing.   We can not deny the role of telecommunications in our life. The Internet, phones, telegraph, cell phones, radio, television are all the means of communication or telecommunication. Nowadays we live in information era, when information is the key and engine of progress. Our society needs per
The History of Computer Development   The rapidly advancing field of electronics led to construction of the first general-purpose electronic computer in 1946 at the University of Pennsylvania. It was Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer or ENIAC, the device contained 18,000 vacuum tubes and had a speed of several hundred multiplications per minute. Its program was wired into the processor