Начался учебный год, и детям в школах каждый день приходится запоминать больше, чем взрослые узнают иногда за целый год. На сайте вы найдете всю нужную информацию для выполнения домашнего задания и сможете лучьше подготовиться к школе.

In the United States, New Year's Eve is a time for entertaining.

Many people go to parties and masquerade balls, where, according to an old tradition, guests unmask at midnight.

Thousands of Americans gather in Times Square in the heart of New York City, This is probably the noisiest and the most crowded New Year's Eve celebration in the world!

At one minute before midnight, a lighted ball drops slowly from the top of a pole on one of the buildings. People count down at the same time as the ball drops. When it reaches the bottom, bells ring, sirens sound, firecrackers explode, people hug and kiss, and shout "Happy New Year!" Everyone drinks a toast to the New Year and sings "Auld Lang Syne"

It is believed that everything done or not done on the opening day of the year would influence the succeeding twelve months.

Nothing is allowed to be taken out of the house on New Year's Day. Thus, normally generous people would flatly refuse to lend anything on this day.


В Соединенных Штатах канун Нового года — время развлечений.

Много людей идут на вечеринки и балы-маскарады, где, согласно старой традиции, гости в полночь снимают маски.

Тысячи американцев собираются на Тайм-сквер в сердце Нью-Йорка. Это, вероятно, самое шумное и самое многолюдное празднование кануна Нового года в мире!

За минуту до полуночи с крыши одного из зданий медленно опускается светящийся шар. Пока шар опускается, люди ведут обратный отсчет. Когда он достигает земли, звонят колокольчики, воют сирены, взрываются фейерверки, люди обнимаются и целуются с криками «С Новым Годом!» Все выпивают тост за Новый год и поют «Доброе старое время».

Считается, что все сделанное или не сделанное в первый день года влияет на последующие двенадцать месяцев.

На Новый год ничего не разрешается выносить из дома. Таким образом, обычно щедрые люди категорически отказываются занять что-нибудь в этот день.

Native Americans came from Asia. Over 20 000 years ago they traveled across the land between Siberia and Alaska. When English colonists came to the New World on board the "Mayflower" the native Americans met them and were very friendly and helped them a lot. In those days people lived in small earth houses and grew their own food. Some Indians ate only grass, nuts, and what fruit they could find.
Every country has its own customs and traditions. English people are proud of their traditions and they keep them up. It is difficult to speak about England without speaking about its holidays. Christmas Day is among them.All English people celebrate Christmas (or X-mas) on the 25th of December. What kind of holiday is it? It is the yearly celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It falls on Dece
Sports is Important in Our Life   Sport is very important in our life. It is popular among young and old people.   Many people do morning exercises, jog in the morning and train themselves in clubs, in different sections and take part in sport competitions.   Other people like sports too, but they only watch sports games, listen to sports news. They prefer reading interesting stories about sportsm
Space Exploration    Mankind always dreamed of overcoming gravitation and reaching other planets. But it was only in the 1960ies that this dream was to become reality.   On the 12th of April 1961 the spaceship «Vostok» was launched into space with a man on board and after orbiting our planet successfully returned to the Earth.   The first man to overcome gravitation and orbit the Earth was Yuri Ga
Church Holidays   Church holidays are days set aside by the church for celebrating various events from the life of Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the saints.   The most important holiday in Russian churches is Easter (Resurrection of Christ).   Next is Christmas, followed by Epiphany, Christ's presentation at the Temple, Annunciation, Christ's entrance into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday), Ascension (40 day
About My Family    My family is not very big, just a typical family: Dad, Mom, me, my brother and sister and our cat. My Mummy is forty-one, she is a teacher of Spanish at the University. She is a born teacher. She has teaching abilities. My Dad is forty-two, he is a professional painter, he works for a design company. My parents both like their work very much.   My elder sister Natasha is ninetee
James Aldridge   James Aldridge was born in 1918, in the town of Swanhill, in Australia. His father was a journalist and writer. His parents came to Australia from England only a few years before James was born.   When James was 14 years old, he began to work as a messenger boy for a newspaper in Melbourne. In 1939 he went to England to enter Oxford University.   In 1940 he was sent to Finland as
Sport in Great Britain    The British have a reputation for being mad about sports. In fact they like watching sports more than playing them. The British are spectators and the most popular spectator sports are cricket and football.   Football is the most popular game. Football, or soccer, is an example of a professional game. The game of football was first played in Britain, and later people bega
A good running back is an essential for a good football team, but a great running back is essential for a championship football team. A great running back consists of one with speed and agility, strength and power, and the last and most important component is heart and determination. These are the necessities for a great running back.Speed and agility are needed to get to the line of scrimmage as
Moscow is the capital of Russia. The city is located in western Russia and lies in the broad, shallow valley of the Moskva River, a tributary of the Oka and thus of the Volga, in the centre of the vast plain of European Russia. This region is one of the most highly developed and densely populated areas of Russia. The climate of Moscow is of the continental type, modified by the temperate influence
My Plans For The FutureMy father is working for an international company as a managing director. I have been several times at his office. I like it very much to be there.My father is very busy. He often comes late from work. But I can see that he likes his job. And he always finds the time to spend with me and mom. Sometimes he tells us about the difficult situations, which his company faces. It i
In my opinion family is one of the most important things in one's life. Almost all our life we live within a family. There are five of us in the family: My father - Iliy Nikolaevich, my mother Vera Pavlovna, my elder brother Michael and the youngest child in our family my ten-year old sister Olga. I think it would be right if I begin with my parents. They have been married for 20 years now. They m